Lebert Fitness Instructional DVDs

 Lebert Fitness Instructional DVDs provide educational information on the proper form and use of it's fitness products.  If you require additional information, please contact Marc Lebert.


Youth Strength & Conditioning DVD
Lebert Fitness Youth Strength & Conditioning Instructional DVD

Our *new* Instructional DVD by fitness professionals Marc Lebert and David Kittner  is out! Lebert Fitness Youth Strength and Conditioning shows three Strength and Conditioning programs with the EQUALIZER™ and BUDDY SYSTEM™.   This DVD is perfect for educators, trainers and physical education teachers!

Each program is designed to be fun and effective with visual and audio descriptions. If you have the EQUALIZER™ and BUDDY SYSTEM™ this video is also great for your Boot Camps and Small Group training. If you have any additional questions regarding this DVD, please contact Marc Lebert.

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Lebert Equalizer Beginner/Intermediate Instructional Video Download

The Lebert EQUALIZER Beginner/Intermediate Instructional Video

FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! Our new video with Marc Lebert and internationally renowned fitness expert and presenter Sharon Mann will show you a simple and effective warm-up, the essential EQUALIZER™ strength training exercises. All exercises are explained and simple progressions and regressions are illustrated so everyone can train at their level and feel successful. Keep training hard!