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Lebert Training Systems (LTS )

Lebert Fitness Introduces Lebert Training Systems Group X Programming

Lebert Fitness is proud to present Lebert Training Systems™ and LTS Group X: 

LeBOOT, LeBARRE and LeHIIT! These diverse group fitness formats featuring the LEBERT EQUALIZER™ and LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™ improve the member experience by making fitness engaging, effective and fun- offering members cardio, strength training and more! If you are seeking to add a “real-world” boot camp style class, a barre-based training program like NO other, and/or high intensity and power as a complete approach to interval training, LTS has you covered! 

Lebert Training Systems™ LeBOOT™ designed by celebrity trainer, black belt and inventor of the LEBERT EQUALIZER™ and LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™, Marc Lebert, is a “real-world” workout that is effective and challenging, but most of all FUN!! Combining old-school strength moves with functional, multi-planar sequences in a “recess” atmosphere, LeBOOT is designed to elevate everyone’s fitness level from the couch potato to the elite athlete! The teamwork type atmosphere and sense of accomplishment will have your members coming back for more. 

Lebert Training Systems™ LeBARRE™ is a barre-based workout like no other designed by former professional dancer, Jenn Hall. Using the portable LEBERT EQUALIZER™, LeBarre combine B.alance, A.gility, R.esistance, working R.ecovery and E.loquence into a challenging full-body workout with no dance experience or tights necessary! LeBARRE™ was named #7 of the top workouts of 2013 by IDEA Fitness and was the only barre-based format to make the list! It so easy to implement —no need to fix ballet bars into the walls and will pack our group fitness studio. 

Lebert Training Systems™ LeHIIT™, for short created by international fitness  celebrity, Sharon Mann, combines High Intensity Interval Training into a complete approach. Based on the most current science regarding interval training, set to a high-energy sound track and packed with familiar fitness moves, LeHIIT is exactly what your members are looking for- a fun program that actually works! 

We are pumped and you will be too! For more information about bringing LTS courses to your facility, or becoming a certified instructor, contact Jenn Hall at

LeBARRE Training with Jenn Hall

Jenn Hall is an international fitness and dance presenter and having retired from dancing professionally with popular artists such as Beyoncè Knowles and Jay-Z, Jenn shifted her focus to dance and fitness choreography and instruction.   The new LeBarre training takes the hottest trend in dance-inspired conditioning combined with Balance, Agility, Resistance, working Recovery and Eloquence to make a challenging full body workout.  Visit LeBARRE!

High Intensity Power (HIP) with Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann is an internationally renowned fitness expert and presenter, and was awarded Canadian Fitness Presenter of the Year in 2001. She has co-produced and hosted many innovative fitness series airing both in the USA and Canada. The new High Intensity Interval Training (LeHIIT) promises to be full of energy, strength and cardio for a top notch workout.

LeBOOT workout with Marc Lebert

Marc Lebert is a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness club owner, international fitness presenter and has a Black Belt in Taekwondo. He is also the inventor of the Lebert Equalizer™ and Lebert Buddy System™.  Marc's new BootCamp workout utilizes the Lebert Equalizers™ and the Buddy System™ - considered staples for bootcamp classes around the world - and promises to build coordination, strength, power, balance, multi-directional speed and agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.