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Eating on the Go by Jessica Maurer - Lebert Fitness Master Trainer. Fitness Educator

EQs on the About Time Blog...and some lovely recipes.......


Body Kinetics by Debbie Gleeson - Lebert Fitness Master Trainer

BODY KINETICS....the benefits of body weight training - read on......


Creating your own Fitness Equipment with Marc Lebert

This week Marc Lebert was on Podcast with Scott Rawcliff.....You can download or listen to the Podcast from the link below.......


PFP Magazine - Introducing the LEBERT SRT (Spring Resistance Training) Barbell

Introducing the LEBERT SRT (Spring Resistance Training) Barbell with spring technology to take your regular barbell exercises and make them much more effective and exciting. With springs set on either side of the two sliding hand grips, users press inward OR outward, activating more muscles and creating more resistance with every rep.

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Lebert Fitness Equalizer spotlight on Global TV Montreal
Fitness columnist Jennifer Rochon shows Richard Dagenais a few fun exercises using Lebert Equalizers.

The Lebert Fitness Equalizers in Lime are presented on the Marilyn Denis Show!
The Lebert Fitness Equalizers in Lime are presented on the Marilyn Denis Show!

Lebert Fitness EQ XL featured in Club Solutions

Lebert Buddy System - the portable pulley system!

Check out the great feature on the Lebert Buddy System… 

Your Stretches Are About to Get Better

Check out the recent review by Amanda Vogel on the Lebert Stretch Straps.

Harold Sanco at Results Gym introduces Lebert Equalizers into his group fitness classes

Washington Post - The exercisers who pack the classes taught by Harold Sanco, group fitness director at Results Gym, are never sure what he’s going to throw at them next. It could be a plank hold, the popular ’60s dance step “the pony” or even some combination thereof.

New Ways to Fall back into Fitness - CTV News
We're always looking for new ways to get inspired and stay motivated for fitness often, it's not new but an idea that's coming back or a bit of a twist on a favourite. Watch Libby Norris on CTV more: